Excellent grapes from Maremma Tuscany

We are proud of our wines

Our wines are consistently grown and matured using organic methods. We attach great importance to collecting our entire harvest carefully by hand in small cassettes. The selection of the grapes takes place directly in the vineyard and by ourselves. We only use sulphites in minimal doses: total so2 in the finished wine approx. 35mg/ltr.

We use the local grapes Vermentino and Sangiovese but also Syrah. The location of our vineyards in the Tuscan Maremma, near the Tyrrhenian Sea, our passion and lifeblood gives NUDO its unique character.  



The story of NUDO began with Rosso.

Our Rosso made from Sangiovese and Syrah is fruity and fresh. Dark berries and a beautiful harmony creates a companion for many occasions. It is soft, round and uncomplicated.

Simple, clear, pure - just NUDO.


Combines the soft and wild characteristics of Sangiovese.

CRUDELIA is named like the Disney character "Cruella": haughty, eccentric, strong and also a bit grim. "DELIA" was in fact also the name of Stefano's grandmother, a unique woman. She was ironic, strong, independent, wild but also the gentle and welcoming counterpart to "IVO", her husband.

These contrasts are reflected in our Rosato. He is wild, independent and at the same time convinces with a tender soul. 


OLTREMODO is a pure Sangiovese with a free, independent soul and is produced using a special process. The grapes are fermented and the young wine rests on its pomace for 6 months. During this time it slowly absorbs the aromas, scents and body of the grapes.

The skins have enough time to slowly give up their memories of the warm summer sun and their Maremma soil. They give the wine its colour, its character and its pronounced complexity during the months of aging.

On the label, next to the name, you can see slightly embossed faces. They are awkward, clumsy, smiling or screaming. They appear to be "different", have abnormal features. But they are also sincere and direct, they have character, lightness and elegance. They don't follow norms but rather express their whole soul without fear of not conforming to the norm.

OLTREMODO stands for exactly that: for being different! For those who, for various reasons, do not, or not always, fit into a grid. It stands for the freedom to express emotions, to live your own story without having to adapt and yet to feel part of the big picture.


Our Vermentino has already received several awards. 2019 and 2020 among the 10 best Vermentinos in Maremma. 2021 with the international gold medal for organic wine. The Bianco is made from hand-picked and carefully selected grapes. The four-week fermentation of the must takes place using autochthonous yeasts at a cool 16°C. The wine then remains in stainless steel tanks and ages on the lees for at least three months before being bottled in March or April.